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Creative Writing Workshops 2022


Creative Writing for Beginners 2022

Week 1 Freewrite Sheet [blank] :: Freewrite Sheet [sample]

Week 2 Prosody [handoout]

Week 3 Woodland Walk

Week 4 Second Person Narrative :: [handout]

Week 5 Character Development :: [handout]

Week 6 Writing for Stage

Week 7 Brainstorming Session :: [homework]

Week 7 The Pipes by Alasdair Gray [handout]

Week 8 Script

Week 9 finalising script

Week 10 Tutorial Week (large file)

Assessment Form

Workshop Reports Joe Murray :: Steve Crone

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Online Climate Change Poetry Workshop
June 18 - July 23 2020


This is Climate Changing by Joe Murray

Poem Colin Will

Poem Eveline Pye

Poem Mandy Haggith