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1 June 2022

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S.T.A.G.E: (originally) Scottish Talent Across Generations in Europe, is a cross generations project that originated in the mid 1990s as part of Scotland in Europe (SiE). It brings together older and younger people by involving them in many different artforms.

This project was in response to the 1994 European Year for Cross-generational Work. When establishing STAGE, SiE met with a variety of individuals and organisations already working in Scotland and invited them to participate and develop ideas that would culminate in an event that could be performed in Scotland and then taken into Europe.

The first of these ideas involved fifty participants in STAGE devised to embrace the European year of cross-generational that time STAGE was a project involving over fifty artists, writers and musicians which toured Glasgow then went on to tour Paris.

Today STAGE, retitled Scottish Talent Across Generations Events, is revitalised and over the past few years in Glasgow has the following projects

  • Community Tea Dances (live music and dance)
  • Paisley Road West Festival
  • Online Workshops on Comedy, Drama, and Climate Change Poetry
  • Homage to Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty Event (music and comedy events)
  • Oral History: recorded seniors stories from Linthouse and Cardonald that went on to be published in two books
  • Kinning Park Festival
  • Writers Group

European Projects with Stage and Fablevision
Words Across Water; Scots Reconnecting with their European family. Poetry, Music and Art performances in Dublin, Paris and Berlin during summer and autumn 2002.

Memory of Water; a two-year project that involved six cities from Europe who had post-industrial river histories. Our contribution was a short 10 min film called Awakening the River that can be seen here.

Woven Networks/Womens Stories; documenting the experiences of women from the (Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland.) and what has been the highs and lows of surviving the Coronaviruses pandemic through the Arts agenda.



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